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Why DTG?  Because sometimes you just want a few shirts with alot of colors! Our screen printed orders require a minium of 12 pieces, but you just want one or two shirts, and fast! You got it, quick short run t shirts! Just design, print and ship to your door!

Digital Printing printing utilizes the latest technology to provide a solution to printing smaller orders (less than 24 pieces) with an almost unlimited number of colors in the design. For many customers, this is a great way to get full color prints on just a few shirts. Screenprinting an order that size with a large number of colors had previously been cost-prohibitive before the advent of Digital Printing. Also referred to as Direct-To Garment printing, the process works much like an traditional inkjet computer printer, but for apparel!

  • Yields high quality, durable images.
  • Print on any color garment, recommended for dark prints on light color garments for best result.
  • Price: Fixed cost per shirt, regardless of quantity ordered. Often cheaper than screenprinting for multiple-color images on small runs.
  • Used for: Photos, Graphic Effects, and highly detailed images on small runs of shirts.

1301 Alstyle Mens T Shirt  - DTG Printing 1301 Alstyle Mens T Shirt  - DTG Printing

Short Run - DTG - Direct To GarmentAll DTG Printing Orders Require No Minimums.  ..


1307 100% Cotton Adult Tank Top 6.0 oz. - DTG Printing 1307 100% Cotton Adult Tank Top 6.0 oz. - DTG Printing

Short Run - DTG - Direct To GarmentAll DTG Printing Orders Require No Minimums.  1307 100% Cott..


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What's the difference between Screen Printing and Digital Printing?

Screenprinting involves creating a stencil, known as a screen, and then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface (in our case, apparel or promotional products). Each individual color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, the more screens that are needed, and the more setup time required.

The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than digital printing, which results in brighter colors - even on darker shirts. Screenprinting is the best option for designs that require a high level of vibrancy, specialty products, or for quantities greater than 6 pieces. While Underground Printing has no minimums for screenprinting, price is usually a prohibitive factor under 6 pieces. Over 6 pieces, the per piece cost tends to be less than Digital printing (but not always).

Digital printing is a much newer process that involves your artwork being processed by a computer, and then printed directly onto the surface of your product. Digital printing is not a transfer - the ink is directly adhered to the fabric of your shirt. The fact that the design is processed and printed digitally allows for a quantity of one, since there are no screens or physical setup.

Digital printing is best used for items that require large amounts of detail and/or print colors, customers that require water based ink, and for orders of a smaller quantity (5 or less pieces). The fact that the digital printer does not use screens allows for a photographic print, with much more detail than traditional screen printing. As the ink is applied thinner (to achieve such detail), digital printing is best used on lighter colored shirts to allow the design to shine through.

We now offer DTG – Direct to Garment printing at Threaded Merch.

The results are in, and our customers are loving it! We can literally print anything directly onto a t-shirt or other approved apparel, similar to how you would on a printer at home. Our fancy Epson SureColor prints directly on the apparel

We find it to be a perfect compliment to our screen printing services, as some jobs are simply a perfect fit for DTG printing.  DTG printing is ideal for those wanting more color, higher detail, more customization and quicker turnaround times than screen printing. The other great feature is our one shirt minimum!

Unlike Iron On transfers of the past that crack, peel and fade over time, DTG printing lasts for a long time and holds up great, similar to screen printing.  Some things to consider: White Shirts print really soft, as no pretreat is required. This makes for an extremely soft hand print, the same goes for our ECONOMICAL “vintage print” on a light colored t-shirt.

Dark shirts, or shirts with white ink, will require a pretreat, which is an additional step, and adds a few bucks to your t-shirt. The pretreat is harmless and will wash out in the laundry, with no additional steps. You are invited to our tiny store front and showroom to check out examples of our DTG printing. We stock black and white tees for kids, (2t – YL, Men and Women, S – 3XL) in popular and stylish brands. Ringspun Cotton Shirts work best and our DTG includes a basic ringspun cotton tee.

Alternatively, you can provide your own graphic; unlike screen printing, our DTG printer works great with many different file types, including jpg, tiff, and png files.


Digital printing provide a solution to printing smaller orders with an almost unlimited number of colors in the design. 
Therefore, this is a great way to get full color prints on just a few shirts.


Normally it will take 3-5 working days to finish 


No Minimum Requirement


Please contact our sales staff or email us


A7 (3" X 4")-LOGO13.0011.
A5 (6" X 8")16.0014.0010.
A4 (8" X 11.5")20.0017.0013.0011.
A3 (12.5" X 16")25.0020.0016.0014.0012.008.006.00
A7 (3" X 4")-LOGO16.0013.0011.
A5 (6" X 8")20.0016.0014.0010.
A4 (8" X 11.5")25.0020.0017.0013.0011.009.006.00
A3 (12.5" X 16")30.0025.0020.0016.0014.0012.008.00


Direct to Garment (DTG) is a method where a printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology. It involves a special printer, which prints the ink directly onto the garment in the desired design. DTG uses specialty inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

Since the DTG printer is as precise as…well…a printer, you’re able to print images in much higher detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in color. Because the printer can print any image, customization is simple. This is also a good option for those who don’t have a lot of money to make an up-front investment for a large batch because each t-shirt can be ordered separately.

Unlike Cad Cut Vinyl and Screen Printing where images have to be divided by layers, DTG works with the artwork as a whole. This is good news for people who prefer to work with Photoshop instead of Illustrator. DTG printers accept both pixels and vectors. Ideally, an artwork for DTG should be saved as a type of file that preserves the quality of the image such as TIFF or PDF.


There are two ways to approach pretreatment in DTG: One, there’s a machine that does it automatically. Or two, one can always go manually. Either way what’s necessary is:

  •      Pretreatment liquid
  •      Pretreatment spray (or machine)
  •      Heat press (or some other device to dry the garment)


Some more traditional methods of garment printing, such as screen printing, take a long time to set up and require the creation of purpose-built meshes and experienced operators. Direct to Garment (DTG) printing meanwhile requires only the specialist DTG inkjet printer, the ink and the garment in question. The direct nature of the process makes it much quicker, so if you need your garments in a hurry we can get them to you without a problem.

Because there isn’t the initial set up cost or preparation time taken to get started, we’re able to offer much shorter runs of less than 50 at highly cost-effective prices. This means that you’re able to test out a batch of garments, produce samples, or get things like t-shirts printed for a one-off team event.

Because the artwork or design is printed onto the t-shirt or other garment directly from a digital image, it is possible to accurately recreate the initial design. Necessary adjustments can be carried out quickly and easily via an image processing program.

Whereas other garment print methods place limitations on the range of colours that can be used in a design, or make it prohibitively expensive to use many colours, DTG printing makes it possible for you to use a full palette, making it perfect for printing things like photographs onto fabric.


DTG printing provides the potential to print onto virtually any colour of garment, so you can create the design that you really want, rather than the one that circumstances force upon you. For the highest quality results though, we recommend that you us a relatively dark print over a light coloured garment.

Direct to garment printing is particularly well suited to short print runs and complex designs, but may not be so well suited to much larger print runs.

We can advise you on what type of garment printing is best for your specific design, so get in touch for a friendly chat and we’ll be happy to help.

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